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Bringing the change


NeoHair's dashboard dynamically reports about your weekly turnover, products missing, and top clients.
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Turnover by Client type (last 30 days)

Are you ready for growth?

Before you even start your first salon, make sure you are standing on solid organisational ground. Sign up with NeoHair so you can track your clients, sales, inventory and employee performance all in one place. Only when you have a feel for where you stand now you can start planning your growth.

See where you’re earning

With your employees and clients in the system, NeoHair can help you quickly understand who brings you money. We’ll automatically load all the billing information about your clients: the regulars, the newbies, top 100, ... Check out your employees reports to see where they can improve.

Track your growth with NeoHair

NeoHair shows you your salon turnover, returning clients rate, products usage, and calendar occupancy so you’ll have a complete picture of your business.
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