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Are you ready for growth?

Before you even start your first salon, make sure you are standing on solid organisational ground. Sign up with NeoHair so you can track your clients, sales, inventory and employee performance all in one place. Only when you have a feel for where you stand now you can start planning your growth.
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How time-savvy are you?

With more than one salon, life is much easier when all your data is being centralized and accessible from anywhere, at any time. Doing your business without having to worry about anything technical is actually possible. Using NeoHair, all you need is a web browser, a login, and a password.
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What is "a book"?

It’s a bunch of people that would rather die than get services from someone else than you. It’s also a list you put together to make sure you’re making money on what you love doing. Try NeoHair and start your book in a snap.
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