Success stories

The Success Story of Daviness Salon

“NeoHair has helped us focus our attention and efforts on what really counts, namely the clients.”
—Paul Rojek, the Daviness’ owner

Daviness – salon for the Generation Next

Daviness is an upscale salon founded back in 2003, with five plus stylists on board. Targeting the most change-oriented, young clientèle, the Salon strives to always introduce all the latest fashion trends out there, and to create fast-paced environment, using NeoHair as its business support. Sustaining growth and highest standards in hair design led the Salon to prestigious L’Oréal’s Professional “Salon Expert” title.

The Challenge

Located in the center of the city, but off the main route, Daviness has to try a little bit harder to keep its schedule busy. Most of its customers are in their twenties, having world at their feet and a career to make. “Getting what’s hot is our client’s first concern” says Paul Rojek, the Daviness’ owner. The price question, important as it is, comes only after the “being trendy” factor.

The Solution

Prices at Daviness – quite unsurprisingly – are often a subject to special offers. Not only does Daviness introduce a new line of products along with every coming season – it also sends out promotional e-mail offers to clients every other week, telling them about latest bargains on products and services. “It’s the e-mail messages that yield the highest rate of efficiency” – says Rojek. “For instance, a single message informing about our new online appointment booking system had spurred thirty percent of our clients to try it out. And now, days happen, when we have two third of our schedule busy with people booking coming from the internet”. Also communication on Facebook keeps the salon’s clientèle steadily growing. Several new people join in the fan page every week.

Email everyone

Daviness uses NeoHair’s e-mail marketing tool to communicate with clients. “It’s really simple to use NeoHair for distributing e-mails. Just type in the message, pick desired sending time, click the ‘Send’ button, and… that’s it”. Also, to cut back on administrative work and repetitive tasks, Daviness has implemented the online management system for its inventory. “We use a barcode reader to put together a list of products to order. Once done, NeoHair sends out an e-mail to our supplier. With one click in NeoHair, arriving products are automatically back in stock”.

Check in when you feel like

It is the Internet that made a significant difference to how Paul Rojek is managing his business these days. “Lately I had a chance to go to Greece for vacations. After a day or two I felt an urge to check how things are going at the salon, so I got online, logged in, and voila! Please, don’t tell my wife about it ;)”.

Send SMS reminders

“We have succeeded at getting new clients online with a great help of NeoHair-based recommendations and promotional activities on Facebook”, Paul Rojek admits. There is a practical issue behind it: instead of showing up, the newbies tend to skip their first appointments and often never come back again. “NeoHair’s ‘SMS Reminders’ feature has helped us to cut back on the rate of skipped appointments by eighty percent”.

The Result

Daviness is just about to open a second salon in the city. “We are happily expanding our business. With support from NeoHair, we expect this operation to run very smoothly. Considering our experience with the application so far, NeoHair has helped us focus our attention and efforts on what really counts, namely the clients, instead of getting distracted by minor issues. When added up, these few hours of time saved here and there and additional clients will make up a substantial part of our income”.