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Building a book


NeoHair's Facebook and Twitter integration helps you share your portfolio and get new clients.
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What is "a book"?

It’s a bunch of people that would rather die than get services from someone else than you. It’s also a list you put together to make sure you’re making money on what you love doing. Try NeoHair and start your book in a snap.

Three basic steps.

You can get started with your first book by following three basic steps. First, you need to identify who is your client so far. Second, you have to find ways to help your clients spread the word of mouth for you. And third, you have to track and keep in touch with your clients to make sure they remember you, and come back to you. We’ve created NeoHair to help you follow these steps.

Booking is easier with NeoHair

Use NeoHair Client Center to add your current clients. Set up your Facebook & Twitter connection and share your work and values with them. Send SMS reminders, birthday greetings and promotional newsletters. Plus, see your progress in one place, with helpful charts and detailed reports.
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