Get more Clients with Facebook booking now!

We have just launched a new, updated version of NeoHair and boy, it’s a treat!

Signing Up & Booking Visits
You can now place an online registration form for your clients in a tab of your salon’s Facebook account. Getting social has now officially gotten serious. And easy. The app is a mirror image of NeoHair’s new face and reflects the simplicity of using the system.

5 New Graphs
Feast your eyes upon fresh and tasty pie charts of most popular services and products. Observe the mountainous panoramas of line charts depicting the most frequently booked hours. Scrape the sky with towering bar graphs showing employee commissions and the effectiveness of time planning.

And since your up there, you’ll have a nice view on the rest of the new features:
  • system alerts and confirmations in the form of neat dialogues
  • history of communication with clients
  • a side panel with info on promotions
  • history of user-cancelled appointments
  • increased overal usability of the application
  • and many more tiny adjustments that make the grass a little bit greener...

Aren’t we forgetting anything?
Yes, there is one more innovation in the sales area of NeoHair console. You can now see all your products/services sold on a particular day by printing a list straight from the calendar view. Now, how convenient is that!? Well, that is for us to deliver and for you to judge.