NeoHair gains new features!

After NeoHair premiere, several valuable suggestions made by you (thank you!) brought some changes to the system. We hope you’ll all enjoy new NeoHair features!

Setting aside all minor modifications, the most important one is the new, enhanced interface. We’ve made it as simple and user-friendly as possible. We’ve introduced a clear division into three sections:

  • Dashboard – with access for salon owners and managers,
  • Salon – to be used by all salon employees; includes calendar, sales and more,
  • Settings – where you can adapt NeoHair to your specific needs.

Also, NeoHair is now fully compatible with the most popular social sites: Facebook and Twitter. It is possible to send massages to your clients directly from NeoHair, in order to inform them about discounts and promotions, or simply keep in touch.

In addition to social media websites, your clients can receive SMS messages from you, reminding them about appointments, which contributes to much higher rates of attendance and eliminates gaps in the schedule. There is also an option of sending bulk messages in case you want your clients to know of certain promotions.