3..2..1..NeoHair is there!

At last, NeoHair is available for purchase for all salon owners and salon managers out there, who wish to increase their businesses productivity. We are glad to introduce the first online application for salons to include advanced marketing tools, such as possibility to send messages to clients through Facebook, Twitter, and SMS from within the application. NeoHair makes salon managers’ life so much easier! By delegating many of your day-to-day tasks to NeoHair, you’ll save time, energy, and earn more money than ever before. 

At the moment NeoHair is set to work in three different language versions, and more to come in the near future. NeoHair is already at work at top notch salons across the globe. Shortly you’ll be able to read about NeoHair in the biggest salon business magazines and internet portals, so stay tuned for more. 
We are more than happy to make new friends, that’s why you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Ask questions, share opinions and interact with other people from the industry. You can find us directly at and
But NeoHair is meant not only for hairdressing salons. Whether you own or manage spa or a massage parlor, NeoHair will facilitate your workflow in this type of places as well. 

There’s more -shortly you’ll be able to gain access to by especially designed iPhone app, and see how your business’s doing. Stocks, working hours, calendar, financial data and much much more -it’s all at your fingertips (literally!).
Take action now and register your salon at You’ll get free testing period. No strings attached. Promise. After that period, you’ll be charged 15c for every purchase, which is a very reasonable price comparing to how much your business will grow with NeoHair. We’ll tell you more about in our client’s Success Stories – coming soon!