NeoHair releases Client database export

NeoHair Calendar is now easier to read! Calendar header is now copied to footer, so when your timetable is getting long, you can still see who is doing what and when :)

You wanted it - you have it! Client database can now be exported to popular CSV format. You can go to Client Center > Clients to do that.


NeoHair releases 5 new graphic reports

This week’s NeoHair release comes with few hot features, including 5 new, dynamic graphic reports:

  • Employees - Working Hours Report
  • Clients - Top Clients Report
  • Cash Report
  • Services Report
  • Products Report

NeoHair Calendar is...


Get more Clients with Facebook booking now!

We have just launched a new, updated version of NeoHair and boy, it’s a treat!

Signing Up & Booking Visits
You can now place an online registration form for your clients in a tab of your salon’s Facebook account. Getting social has now officially gotten serious. And easy. The app is a mirror image of NeoHair’s new face and reflects the simplicity of using the system. 


We are giving away an iPhone!


Our iPhone contest is on and running. If you have not yet visited our Facebook fan page, this is the right time to do it! We are giving away a brand new iPhone 4. For FREE. We are very interested in what you have to say about NeoHair. We’ve got all the great features out there,  for which we need some customer experience.

This is where you come in. All you have to do is post your opinion on NeoHair on our Fecebook wall. Simply put – tell us what you think about our application. What to write about? All you can! If anything strikes you, if there’s anything to be improved, please let us know. Write us about what you like as well. The contest is directed to all salon professionals.


NeoHair gains new features!

After NeoHair premiere, several valuable suggestions made by you (thank you!) brought some changes to the system. We hope you’ll all enjoy new NeoHair features!

Setting aside all minor modifications, the most important one is the new, enhanced interface. We’ve made it as simple and user-friendly as possible. We’ve introduced a clear division into three sections:

  • Dashboard – with access for salon owners and managers,
  • Salon – to be used by all salon employees; includes calendar, sales and more,
  • Settings – where you can adapt NeoHair to your specific needs.

3..2..1..NeoHair is there!

At last, NeoHair is available for purchase for all salon owners and salon managers out there, who wish to increase their businesses productivity. We are glad to introduce the first online application for salons to include advanced marketing tools, such as possibility to send messages to clients through Facebook, Twitter, and SMS from within the application. NeoHair makes salon managers’ life so much easier! By delegating many of your day-to-day tasks to NeoHair, you’ll save time, energy, and earn more money than ever before.