Success stories

The Success Story of Awangarda Salon

"Teaming up with NeoHair makes us really confident about the future”
—Elizabeth Bienczycka, the owner of Awangarda

Awangarda – Salon With a Soul

Since its very beginning in 2001, Awangarda continues to attract all those, who crave for peace and harmony in life. Warm and friendly atmosphere of the place, elegant interior and skilled stylists make customers feel welcome and well cared for. Elizabeth Bienczycka, the owner, considers providing professional service her topmost priority. The salon holds a prestigious L'Oreal Salon Expert certificate and uses NeoHAIR salon management as it’s business support.

The Challenge

Salon’s relocation to the city center was one of Elizabeth Bienczycka’s thoughest decisions. Seizing the opportunity of getting more traffic, Awangarda had to deal with a risk of loosing some of it’s regular clients. “We needed to gain fifty new regulars, and fast!” - explains Bienczycka. “The only question was: how?”

The Solution

Launching an online social shopping campaign combined with a new, beautiful website resulted in 700 new leads in less than two days. The campaign offered a significant discount for the first-time customers, and another benefit with their second visit. “We needed to teach clients that Awangarda is worth coming back. Sustaining high quality of the service along with some of the NeoHair features helped us achieve this goal”.

Establish Long-Term Relations

“There is a great difference between 'Good morning' and 'Hello, John!'. NeoHair helps us 'memorize' customers and their preferences based on past services. After a visit we simply put a note on the client's account, so next time we hear 'I loved the previous haircut', we know exactly what he means.”

Watch Your Business Flourish

Favorable income and visit statistics are a heartwarming sight. “Observing rapidly climbing graphs made us realize that the marketing strategy was worth the effort. Being able to easily generate daily, weekly or monthly reports is a very valuable feature that helps calculate profits and plan future expenses.”

New marketing solutions and professional salon management system are bringing the desired results. Awangarda's schedule is busy for months in advance. “We just wanted to bring our client base back to its previous size” says Elizabeth Bienczycka “and we managed to go far beyond that. Teaming up with NeoHair makes us really confident about the future.”